Second-hand reachtruck

The mast of a reach truck can extend i.e. "reach" or move forwards/backwards. A reach truck is ideal for use in narrow aisles. The driver sits sideways with respect to the driving direction and has an overview of the entire aisle. The required aisle width for a reach truck is 2700 mm instead of 3200 mm for a forklift truck. The reach truck maintains load capacity at a much larger height than a forklift truck.

Photo Category Manufacturer Model Lift height (mm) Capacity(kg) Machine number AYear of manufacture
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE160R  6300mm 1600kg 1838 2015
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE160E  9500mm 1600kg 1836 2011
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE 180  9500mm 1800kg 1831 2012
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE 160  7250mm 1600kg 1821 2013
Reachtruck  BT TOYOTA  RRE140  4800mm 1400kg 1801 2013

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