Second-hand forklift truck

The counterbalance forklift truck can be used on uneven surfaces outdoors. The larger drive wheels of a forklift truck obviously also provide good traction. The electric forklift truck is the most versatile and as such most in demand. In addition, there is also the diesel forklift truck and the gas forklift truck. Counterbalance typifies the forklift truck. The lifting capacity decreases relatively quickly as height increases.

Photo Category Manufacturer Model Lift height (mm) Capacity(kg) Machine number AYear of manufacture
Forklift truck BT CBE120 5205mm 1200kg 1850 2010
Forklift truck BT TOYOTA C3E200 4005mm 2000kg 1849 2012
Forklift truck BT CBE150R 4805mm 1500kg 1846 2007
Forklift truck TOYOTA 7FBMF50 4500mm 5000kg 1788 2013

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